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Beyond the Bite, just like any support group is a place people come to talk to someone who can understand what they experienced and are going through.  The main difference is that there just aren’t as many of us worldwide as normal support groups.  Being bitten or attacked by a large animal feels very isolating.  People have a concept of what it’s like to be in a car accident or even be involved in a natural disaster like a flood or bushfire, but a survivor of an animal bite doesn’t come across as many people with the same experience.


Beyond the Bite reaches out to people and their families as soon as they become aware a biting has occurred.  We follow up with a personal visit to explain the sorts of things that may happen after a bite.


There is media attention - which can be overwhelming, lifestyles changes to process - depending upon the severity of the bite, mental adjustments – these take the longest as anyone dealing with a trauma will understand.  The mental health and physical recovery journey don’t always run on the same timetable.


People going through this process always have lots of questions and who better to help them than someone who has experienced something similar. Beyond the Bite matches them up, in a mentor type relationship, with a family or person whose experience is the closest to what they have been through.  There is a safe community and individual support available while the person bitten and their family goes through all the emotions and drive for understanding that normally comes after this situation.


The Beyond the Bite Community is now 400 strong and has members from around the world.  We have a Facebook group which is for members only, where we can talk, reach out and support each other. A member from overseas told us, she was unable to find another support group for animal bites like this anywhere else in the world.  We become good friends and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, commiserate when someone is having a bad day and be there for each other in times of need.  It is a true community.


We concentrate on the person and the family, what they need to heal and recover.  We are not about the animal, it is why we have branched out from being a shark bite group to help people who have been bitten by lions, hippos, crocodiles and other wild animals.


If you have a specific question, would like to have a member come speak at one of your events or feel you are eligible to join our community, please fill in the contact email on the home page.  Only genuine requests please, as a not for profit our time is important and we wish to spend as much of it helping people as we can.

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