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Beyond the Bite aims to help people who have been affected physically, emotionally or psychologically by shark bite events. A lot of people who are impacted are usually thrown into the media and public eye for a short period of time due to the sensational and rare aspect of shark bite events. But once the light has faded, many people are left with the physical and mental scars that come with such an event, and that's where we try to help. By creating programs and helping guide survivors to services that will help them live the new normal. We go beyond the bite. Beyond the Bite Incorporated is a registered charity and all funds go directly to the programs designed to help people. All donations are tax deductible.​

Beyond​the Bite


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Beyond the bite is run by volunteers from shark attack support group Bite Club and runs events to help those affected by shark attacks to normalize their lives. Please consider helping us with a few $ as our events have made great changes in peoples lives. 

Bite Clubs scope now covers more than just sharks, with members who have been involved in Crocodile, Lion and Hippopotamus attacks to name a few.

Thank You


Whether you have been affected by a shark bite event and need help, want to find out more, or have a media enquiry, please complete the form and we'll be in touch



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